Professional Service

The team at SAMARA are dedicated to delivering the finest service and quality consulting for the greatest customer experience. With international expertise from four continents most team members bring an average of thirty to forty years business and technical experience to game change the way Samara does professional business.

Next Generation Technology

Constant innovation in new construction technology is a necessary step in creating a new quality of future living. Sustainability requires respect for the environment, durability, independent energy, quality drinking water and waste water treatment, new technology in science, research and development.

Innovative Design

Design, architecture, innovation and creativity is one of the top challenges towards a new world of quality living. SAMARA has the experts to bring customised solutions for architecture, design, concept development, diversity of technologies in a broad range of fields. We are a committed collaborative team dedicated to finding the best solutions.


Our Technologies

Overview of our Innovations

Cellular Insulating Concrete
House Construction
Knockdown House Development
Permeable Pavement for Roads, Parking Lots, and more
Innovative Solar Energy
Drinking Water Support
Waste Water Solutions
Tropical Landscaping and Gardening
Engineering Consulting
Modern AutoCad Design
Modular Industry
Soil Stabilazation
Underground Tank Abandonments
Precast Panels and Lightweight High Insulating Blocks
Lightweight Floor, Roof & Decks


The "Green Palm" Retirement Residence, Wellness, Spa & Health Care

Near the beach, and only 4km to the City of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand we'll build a modern and evironmentally friendly retirement village on an area of 160,000sqm (100 Rai) with 300 modern fully furnished bungalows. Independently appointed with solar energy and fresh drinking water from every tap. Also, a modern administration center (two floors) with admin offices, family market, wellness & spa, massage salon, laundry service, elegant restaurant and club room on the ground floor. The second floor will feature a modern medical emergency center and facilitate an antiaging clinic. A swimming pool, boccia place and mini golf will offer sport activities. A regular free shuttle bus service to the city of Prachuap or Hua Hin is one of the standards.


Our Bungalow Design, Architecture and Innovation

Our home design has two great bedrooms, a modern european style kitchen, modern bathroom with hot and cold water, guest WC, living room with TV, terrace and a carport for people who wish to have a car. Every bungalow has an emergency button for health care service. Our projects use quality pre-manufactured panelling from our exclusive industrial partners. This high class technology comes with a unique 10 year warranty. Solar power provides independent energy. In our research we have not found any building in Thailand that provides fresh drinking water from a tap. Our buildings will always come equiped with a high performance water filtration technology that assures clean drinking water from every tap. The carport is equiped with its own charger for an electric vehicle.


Cellular Insulating Concrete

Our Cellular Insulating Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and foam. It creates a new kind of quality wall construction system that provides a wide range of technical stuctural advantages. For example, pre-manufactured wall panels are lighter, durable, more insulated against temperature and sound, water resistant, and insect repelling. Pre-fabrication building assembly makes for fast and easy quality construction. This new kind of concrete material is more safe against vibration and shocks, flood and other natural disasters. For more information, please contact us with your specific interest.

Permeable Pavement

In many countries road construction has a problem of water on street surfaces. Rainwater, for example, can damage roads and create high costs in ongoing maitenance. With our new technology heavy rain water will not be a serious problem in road construction and repair. Roads will have better foundations with less cracking and other concerns. Our road technology is also usable for building owners, public places, pathways, and bike trails. Sport facilities, race tracks, and other community used spaces are ideal for its use. Please contact us for the latest information in innovative road technologies.

Who We Are ?

SAMARA Project Development Co., Ltd., is located in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan in Thailand, near Hua Hin. Our main operation is in the same area, but also in the City of Hua Hin, Cha Am, Sam Roi Yot, Kui Buri and Prachuap. We also have projects in Pak Chong near Khao Yai about 150km in the north of Bangkok. All our development partners are from around the world. For example our technology developer is from Colorado USA, industrial planner and Public Relations manager from Germany, Corporate Development from Australia, and industrial partners in different technology fields and international joint ventures are from Thailand. The future target is also to open SAMARA branches in Myanmar, Lao and Cambodia. If you have any more questions about our activities do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We speak Thai, English and German.



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